photo of Minya Bai

Minya Bai

Graphic Designer

Hey! I am a U1 honours math and physics student. I am still unsure of what I want to do, so as of right now, I am focusing on the subjects I love. I have always loved math, and when I was introduced to physics in high school, I loved how I was able to use math to perform calculations to understand how things worked. I enjoy a good challenge, whether it’s a tricky math riddle, a physics question or just a jigsaw puzzle, and will gladly take it on. During my free time, I love painting, biking and listening to music. I am always up for a friendly game of chess or badminton.

photo of Antoine Belley

Antoine Belley

Finance Coordinator

I am a U3 (last year) honors physics and math student who is aiming to pursue a career in theoretical physics, probably in nuclear physics to be precise. When I’m not studying or investigating the fundamental nature of neutrinos in my lab, you’ll most probably find me singing with one of my choirs, hiking, backcountry skiing or, let’s be real, napping. Finally, a “fun” fact about me is that I was charged at by a grizzly bear last summer while I was hiking in Jasper after CUPC 2018 – I had to pepper spray it in order to make him go away and make it to the campground!

photo of Rodrigo Chavez

Rodrigo Chavez

Social Coordinator

Hello, I was born in Lima, Peru and grew up here in Montreal. I am currently in Math & Physics, with a minor in management and a dash of computer science courses. These past two summers, I’ve had the chance of doing research in experimental condensed matter at UBC, and am interested in pursuing research in the field. Outside of academia, I’m into hiking, fishing, karate, and my penny board.

photo of Tessa Condon

Tessa Condon

Programming Coordinator

I’m a U3 with a joint major in physics and computer science. I started off at McGill in the environmental program but decided to switch to physics after an interesting Energy and the Environment class within the physics department. From there, I got interested in computer science and decided to switch into the joint program. This past summer, I’ve been working on features on an app for cancer patients with the McGill medical physics team, and want to continue working in areas that combine physics with computer science applications. I’m very excited to be working as part of the CUPC team!

photo of Sarah Christensen

Sarah Christensen

Sponsorship Coordinator

Hey! I’m a second year student at McGill pursuing a degree in physics. I’m originally from Toronto, but I spent my high school years in Canberra, Australia with my family. My interest in physics began with astronomy in year 9 science class and has since grown to a broader appreciation and general curiosity about the physical world. During my gap year, I had the opportunity to work in the lab of Dr. Elena Ostrovskaya at the Australian National University, working on experimental and theoretical studies of strong light-matter interactions in semiconductor microcavities. Aside from university, I love playing hockey, spending time with my dog and drinking lots of tea.

photo of Marco Di Francesco

Marco Di Francesco

Web Designer

Hey Everyone! I’m a U3 Physics major and I’m minoring in German Language. I’m also enrolled in Russian courses and I’m trying to complete HSK 2 for Mandarin. After physics, my interests very obviously lie in language learning. This summer I taught English in China and it was such an amazing experience. I also worked under the supervision of professor John Kildea on Opal ( at the McGill University Health Centre. I’m currently aiming for med school or medical physics after graduation.

photo of Sarah Fairbrother

Sarah Fairbrother

Logistics Coordinator

Hi! I’m U2 in the joint major physics and computer science program. I’m really excited to be a part of CUPC and to hear about all the different topics in physics being researched by undergrads like myself! I’m not really sure in which field I would like to specialize but as of now I find particle physics (and really anything on the quantum scale) to be super interesting. Not related to physics - I like to play tennis, listen to music and hang out with friends!! I grew up in Toronto and have been living in Montreal since I started at McGill two years ago. And most importantly, I have the same birthday as Sir Isaac Newton.

photo of Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy

Logistics Coordinator

Hey, my name is Thomas Hardy and I’m one of the coordinators for the social events of CUPC 2019. I am a fourth year physics major at McGill from Brazil. I got interested in physics because of a teacher in high school who showed me how amazing and interesting this field could be, particularly astrophysics. I joined the CUPC committee as I think it is important for undergraduate physics students to understand what is out there for them, be it in research, potential grad schools or even working in the private sector. I am extremely excited to be able to organize and host this conference at McGill and I hope to see you all there.

photo of Elisa Jacquet

Elisa Jacquet

Logistics Coordinator

I’m a French and Spanish student at McGill, currently in an honours physics program set to graduate in June 2020. With this, I hope to be able to work in astrophysics research later on - hopefully as a professor at a university! My past research experiences include working on exoplanets with Dr. Cowan at McGill and doing a research project on stellar variability at Imperial College. In my free time I love to read, bake, play the piano, and hang out with my friends. I also spend a lot of my time out of the classroom participating in the McGill Rocket Team and am very involved in McGill’s Golden Key chapter. I’m very excited to be part of the CUPC team because it’s an amazing opportunity for students to meet, share interests, and learn more about potential career paths.

photo of Katie Simzer

Katie Simzer

Accommodation Coordinator

I started my undergraduate degree at McGill in the fall of 2016 after graduating from high school. Currently, I am a U3 (fourth year) student with a joint major in Atmospheric Science and Physics and a minor in Computer Science. My research interests are anything related to atmospheric physics, climate science, or meteorology. In my spare time I enjoy doing yoga, playing my flute and violin, hiking, baking, and taking trains everywhere I can (since trains are the most superior mode of transportation!!).

photo of Leslie Unger

Leslie Unger

Sponsorship Coordinator

Hey guys! After finishing off a summer of biophysics and clinical research, I’ll be starting my second year at McGill (U2) majoring in physiology & physics. I hope my interest in life-sciences and physics will bring me to a future career in biomedical physics. But who knows where life will take me. I cannot wait to see all the amazing research that has been done by physics undergrads from all over Canada! I’ve lived in Montreal my entire life, and my love for this city is unmatched. I’m so excited for CUPC to be hosted in this gorgeous metropolis that I get to call home. P.S. One great thing about Montreal in the FOOD. So please, if you come to Montreal trying new places to eat, it’s a MUST!!

photo of Thomas Vandal

Thomas Vandal

Social Coordinator

I am a U3 (last year) physics student. I was born in Shawinigan, a small town in Quebec, and I have lived in Montreal since 2017. My main field of interest in physics is astrophysics. I also think that the role of AI and new technologies in fighting climate change is a very interesting field. So far, I have done two internships. During the first one, I was working with photonic integrated circuits at AEPONYX, here in Montreal. The second one was at the Institute for research on exoplanets (University of Montreal), where I was testing the possibility of using Gaussian processes to remove stellar noise from Doppler spectroscopy measurements. In my free time, I am a soccer referee at the provincial level, and I enjoy long-distance running. I also like to explore Montreal, which is still relatively new for me!

photo of An Vuong

An Vuong

Programming Coordinator

Hello! I am a U3 Honours Physics student at McGill University. I am originally from Vietnam and came to Canada for the first time three years ago. Believing that Physics plays a pivotal role in every technological innovation, I want to pursue a career in experimental Physics to make an impactful contribution to the advancement of science and technology. That being said, my research interests include, but are not limited to, Condensed Matter Physics, Material Sciences and Applied Physics in Medicine. I joined the CUPC 2019 planning committee with a mission to disseminate the knowledge of physics across Canada and make cutting-edge discovery accessible to all my peers. For such reasons, I am joyful to see everyone here in Montreal for CUPC 2019 and wish you all the best of luck in pursuing your research and career later on.

photo of Yilin Wang

Yilin Wang


I am in my last year of undergrad finishing my B.Sc. with a major in physics and a minor in Russian literature. Two summers ago I had the opportunity to work on computational fluid dynamics calculations to optimize the design for an additive manufacturing machine. This past summer, I took my simulation skills to join the exploration of the nature of neutrinos. The past 20 years of my life have been spent between China, Canada, and New Zealand. I am excited to see where my studies take me in the future - in the very near future, fingers crossed for a graduate program opportunity in particle physics, hopefully! A few things that I love (almost) as much as physics would be anything written by Dostoyevsky, hot yoga, coffee, and corgis.

photo of Alessia Woolfe

Alessia Woolfe

Publicity Coordinator

Hello! Unlike the others here I am not pursuing a major in physics – to be honest, I’ve changed my major so many times that not even I am sure what I’m in. I am currently in fourth-year Cognitive Science with a minor in math, but previous majors have included physics and computer science. A field that I am very interested in is the applications of computer science in physics. Despite my indecision I retain a deep love of physics and I am pumped to be part of the CUPC team! Other hobbies of mine include playing saxophone and piano, dancing, cooking, eating, running, and crying over my broken code. I can’t wait to see you all at the conference!


We look forward to seeing you at CUPC 2019!